What's Important to us

The Bible

The Bible is our one guaranteed source of direction, wisdom, instruction and discernment. It claims to be, and is, the "comprehensive equipment" for the man or woman of God. We want to keep it in first place: over tradition, over our own preferences and over the changing currents of popular philosophy.


For some, "family" recalls comfort and security; but for others, a need for healing from pain and brokenness. For still others, the idea might even seem irrelevant. We believe that most important place for building people is family. For this reason, we seek to provide a larger family through the relationships in the fellowship, to support families assailed by an antagonistic culture, and to restore hurting families by power and love.

Worship and the Holy Spirit's Work

We are impressed with God! So worship is a priority to us. It is an expression of our awe before Him, love toward Him and thanks for His love for us. Because we depend on God, prayer is a priority: "unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain." The Holy Spirit's work is important to us. We value His filling, gifts, and renovating work in our lives.

Gathering in Large and Small Groups

Relationships matter to us. God has called us to work together, learn from each other and support each other. God has called us to minister together. Because of this we gather for corporate worship together on Sundays as well as in smaller groups, whether they take on the form of a Sunday School class or gathering in people's homes.