Our Denomination - Meet the family!

Our first affiliation is with all people around the world who are brought into God's family through faith in Jesus Christ and who seek to follow the Bible as God's Word. Our particular branch of the family is the Brethren in Christ, a worldwide fellowship of churches with whom we share a way of discipleship and with whom we cooperate in fulfilling the great commission.

The Brethren in Christ benefits from a heritage blended from four important streams of Christianity. It is Evangelical, meaning that it holds a high view of Scripture and understands the necessity of personal faith in Jesus Christ. It is Anabaptist in the sense that being a Christian is not just a matter of being a part of the established church but is settled between an individual and God, and ought to have radical, visible results in a person's life - both on the individual and community level. It is Pietistic in its expectation that a personal relationship with Jesus should be accompanied with a warm love and devotion that involves the whole person. It is Wesleyan in its emphasis on God's grace not only rescuing us from the penalty of sin but really renovating us to the core by the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Brethren in Christ denomination is working hard toward fostering growing, discipling, sending congregations. There is some great missionary work going on around the world. We are particularly excited about a renewed emphasis on reaching unreached people groups. Check out the great BIC missions pages.