About Us - Who are we?

Don't let the long name scare you. We're regular people: We are parents, singles, teens and kids. Some of us have come through the experience of a full schedule with an empty life. All of us have known something about broken relationships and financial challenges.

On the other hand, we're different: We have found the promises of our culture (happiness and fulfillment through the newest turn-on, abundance of material things, self-serving relationships...) to be just so much promise and no fulfillment.

In Jesus, the Lord of Lords, we have found the ultimate reality. In Him we discover purpose from God, a cure for guilt through forgiveness, and the strength and direction to live a changed life. He meets us at the most relevant and practical level--and not as just one more self-improvement course, tottering on the foundation of our own inner resources.

We want to place ourselves in His hands and allow Him to work supernaturally to heal us, restore us and transform us into the people we were designed to be. We're a long way from perfect, but He is changing us continually!