• Updates

    LIGHT THE NIGHT – October 26

    Do you want to take part in the skit? Let one of the leaders know!

    We will be packing bags of candy to hand out on October 24th

  • End of Summer Activities!!

    Summer is nearing an end (this is where the teens groan and the parents cheer!) so how about we end it with a bang!! Just look at all of the exciting things coming your way in the next few weeks!!!

    Wednesday, August 19: Swimming Party! We will leave the church at 6pm and be back at 8:30pm. Bring $3 if you want pizza (or use what you have in your “bank account, ask us if you want to know how much you have.)

    Friday, August 28: Fourth Friday Fun Night! 6pm-9pm. Volleyball, Gargoyle, etc! This is a great time to bring a friend to get them familiar with us so you can invite them on Wednesday nights in the fall!

    Wednesday, September 2: Gaga Tournament!!! Details coming soon!!

    Wednesday, September 9: First night of Youth Group!!! 6:45-8:30 for anyone in 6th-12th grade this coming school year!! Bring a friend! Bring two friends!! Bring a bunch!!

  • Welcome to the Source!

    Ok, there may have been a little mishap with the old Source page when we moved to the new servers. My bad!! ┬áBut no big deal, we’ll just start fresh! Welcome to the new Source Page!